About me myself and I

This blog is about me in 2-D. I write and illustrate my past life and my present one. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and shoot for the future one. Who knows? They might be all happening at the same time. I have fun doing this blog, because most of the time I work on ‘serious’ art.

My past includes Soviet upbringing, loads of travel to all sorts of places, and art. My present is pretty much the same except for the Soviet upbringing. I am completely corrupted with evil capitalism.  In the future, I find my place in this crazy universe and I have a fantastic new hairdo.



3 thoughts on “About me myself and I

  1. Hello darling,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you; lovely girl of Georgia, and your sweet friend as well, last night. I’ve been looking through your illustrations and they’re marvelous! You are so talented!

    Please do keep in touch and lets try and grab a coffee or bite some time next week or week after. I’d love to see more of your beautiful work.


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